• My mom died when I was about as old as Homer was when his mom fled. Watching this episode as a kid I never really found it super emotional (perhaps because the memory of losing my mom was so fresh in my mind).

    As an adult, though, whew. It’s a tear jerker.

  • Confession: I get a little choked up every time I see the end sequence of Mother Simpson (the episode where Homer learns his mom is still alive). And the music that goes with it is absolutely perfect.

  • Evolution and Revolution in User Interfaces

    I was playing around with a VM with classic Mac OS on it over the weekend (I love me some Tetris Max and was trying to futz around with SimCity Classic).

    I know we often talk about how macOS is conceptually so similar to the first Mac OS and how nothing has really changed, but man, we have just made so many refinements.

    Sure, getting stuff onto the old Mac is hard because it can only speak HTTP now, and other file sharing protocols are obsolete, but just using and browsing through files on the old Mac feels so full of friction. You can only resize windows from the lower right. You can’t see window contents while dragging.

    I often complain that we are forgetting a lot of the GUI lessons of the past (like how we have these massive screens now and we basically are making apps single-window tabbed interfaces… Slack…), but it’s really this stark reminder that even though we latch onto things that are revolutionary (like the first Mac OS, or maybe even the first Mac OS X), there’s a lot of improvement to be had in iterating on things, and those improvements come so gradually that they are easily dismissed as nothing.

  • I’m happy for Signal’s recent success, but what if we had a private communication protocol that didn’t require that every one of its users had an account with the same company?

    I’m sad no one’s aiming to build that.

  • I love that web browser icon designers really brought their A game for their Big Sur icon redesign. I mean Safari’s icon even has a reference round rect design in iOS! Why not use that?

    three Big Sur web browser icons that are pedestrian

  • Yes! Someone is making plain old MagSafe wall mounts. They don’t do anything; they’re just discs that contain a MagSafe array of magnets so you can mount your iPhone on surfaces in your home. www.shopmoment.com/products/…

  • I really don’t understand the appeal of announcing your new products at CES.

    “Hey, You know the perfect time we can announce this? When hundreds of other companies are also announcing their stuff. That’s sure to make us stand out!”

  • In my latest post on icanthascheezburger I dig into scale alone as a root cause of the rampant extremism social networks have created in the world recently: icanthascheezburger.com/wordpress…

  • Microsoft to replace Outlook for Mac with New Universal Client

    Put another way, “world’s most valuable company gives up on making good apps for each platform, will instead just make a mediocre app targeting the web and then shoehorn it to each platform.”

  • At the beginning of the last decade I would insist on getting the smart version of every home appliance. “It’s better with a companion iPhone app!”, I’d say.

    This decade I go out of my way to get either the dumb version of something, or at least one that can be controlled on-device without an app.

  • After dealing with graphical glitches on my Mac Pro that had been worsening through most of November, Apple finally returned my Mac Pro to me yesterday with… a new SSD.

    I’m… skeptical of this fix. But I’ve also been in tech long enough to know this actually could fix it.

  • I keep thinking about how much I am interested in an M1 Mac laptop but I think what I really want is a MacBook/iPad hybrid device that can hot swap between both OSes.

    Given that Apple is letting you use iOS apps on the M1 Macs they have to be exploring this, right?

  • It’s such a delight to see people continue to make brand new games for vintage computers like this:


  • Recruiter email:

    “We partner with tech startups that prioritize social good and diversity”

    Later in the email:

    “Whether you’re interested in Peloton…” 😒

    In fairness, the other client mentioned was Upsolve, which helps simplify bankruptcy filing for low-income Americans.

  • This is the video about dishwashers you didn’t know you needed in your life.


    Seriously, I love how much this YouTube channel cares about small details about things like home appliances.

  • The asymmetry of self review vs. reviewing your manager

    I always love seeing the differences between how companies want you to review yourself, and how they want you to review management.

    Self-review questions How did you contribute to the company’s success? How were you impactful? How did you embody our cultural values? What were your missed opportunities (be specific and say “I”, not “we”)? What are you going to do better next year?

    Questions to review management: How did your manager do good? What could they have improved upon? What do you like most about your manager?

  • Fun fact: the tone the captain plays on an aircraft when you can take your seatbelt off matches with the first two notes in the melody of the Home Alone song Somewhere in my Memory:


  • Whenever someone says “analytics” I’ll mentally replace the word with “surveillance”

  • Apple Watch has been out for over five years, and third party silicone versions of the Sport band have been available for almost that entire time.

    No band maker other than Apple bothers to make one out of the fluoroelastomer material.

    Is it that difficult, or does no one care?

  • My favorite GitHub universe announcement of today: GitHub finally has dark mode!

    I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it’s awesome. It makes it fun again to play around on GitHub at night, and it makes me want dark mode for the entire web soon.

  • I am forever in pursuit of that perfect “flow” state.

  • Most job interviews consist of 75-85% asking the candidate questions, then leaving whatever is left of time for the candidate to ask.

    Try flipping that ratio around. The things the candidate will ask you will probably reveal what you need to know about their caliber.

  • Today is my brother’s birthday. He would have been 32.

    We met up last year for a quick birthday lunch before his work shift started and took this photo on his phone.

    He never did share it with me, but luckily his roommate knew his iPhone passcode.

  • When I was a kid, my grandpa once told me about how he got some grease on one of his leather shoes and after trying to remove it, he just decided to dab some grease on his other shoe so that it matched.

    I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

  • In my latest post on icanthascheezburger I share one of my favorite Alfred features, and I’ll be sharing some free Alfred Powerpacks with readers.


    To enter, you can @ mention me on here.

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