• Today is my brother’s birthday. He would have been 32.

    We met up last year for a quick birthday lunch before his work shift started and took this photo on his phone.

    He never did share it with me, but luckily his roommate knew his iPhone passcode.

  • When I was a kid, my grandpa once told me about how he got some grease on one of his leather shoes and after trying to remove it, he just decided to dab some grease on his other shoe so that it matched.

    I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

  • In my latest post on icanthascheezburger I share one of my favorite Alfred features, and I’ll be sharing some free Alfred Powerpacks with readers.


    To enter, you can @ mention me on here.

  • I’m posting Alfred tips on my blog and I’m giving away some Powerpack licenses. Are you interested in a free copy? Check out my posts and @ mention me on here to express interest!

  • If you want a shot at an Alfred Powerpack just follow me and message me on here! Bonus points if you share one of my posts.

  • To share my love for Alfred, one of the most used apps on my Mac, I’m sharing tips on the blog and also giving away Powerpacks to lucky readers.

    I have so far had no takers!


  • Want to win an Alfred Powerpack license? Check out icanthascheezburger and if you entered now, your odds would be quite good, because no one has actually entered yet!

    Alfred is seriously one of my favorite and most useful apps. To call it a Swiss Army knife is an understatement.

  • Ever wish you could always print in Chrome using the macOS print dialog?

    In Terminal, enter:

    defaults write com.google.Chrome DisablePrintPreview -bool TRUE

    Restart Chrome.

    You’re welcome.

  • Latest keyboard project: an Iris keyboard that with a layout more like a Planck. Using ALPS switches plus some Kailh Choc low-profile switches for the thumb keys to keep all the keys accessible.

    I had to flex the PCB a little to fit the Choc switches in but it worked!

  • I’m writing a series about Alfred! As part of the love, I’ll be giving away Alfred Power Pack licenses too. Here’s my first post: icanthascheezburger.com/wordpress…

  • I was originally not a big proponent of Setapp, but I recently subscribed and found it’s got 2 great use cases:

    • It’s nice for certain apps that I like being able to use, but I don’t need often enough that I want to buy a license (Proxyman fits neatly into this category)
    • Most people I know aren’t the kind of hard core users to spend hundreds on software licenses, so sending them to a $10/month subscription is a much easier sell.
  • I’ve been writing about clicky keyboards for a non-clicky keyboard enthusiast audience; if you’re interested in getting more of an introduction to why I’m such a fan, you can check out my other post, Walk the Planck.

    I’ll be posting more about some of the fundamentals of using mechanical keyboards, in particular ones with fully programmable firmwares. Add my feed to your reader!

  • My Moonlander keyboard arrived yesterday. I wrote a little bit about it on icanthascheezburger.

    Moonlander with top row of keys removed
    Moonlander with top row of keys removed
  • I wonder if these cloud gaming providers will end up trying to push out individual apps for each game they provide remote access to. Everyone would win: Apple gets veto power over individual games and no de-facto alternate app stores, and gaming companies get to make these cloud games for all platforms.

  • I’ve discovered a new dimension of money wasting for my clicky keyboard habit: desk mats! (seriously, this thing is awesome)

  • I have to say, the Mac Pro’s Bluetooth reception is spectacular (granted, for what I spent on this thing it better be). I have the tower sitting on the floor by my desk and my mouse and keyboard both work perfectly, and I can walk across the house without losing AirPods signal. 

  • For the first time in awhile I’m really quite excited about the future of the Mac. I feel like we spent the first part of the 2010s waiting impatiently for Apple to try new things, then we spent the second half hoping they wouldn’t screw things up. And now, I feel mostly excitement.

  • I’m sad that in 2020, Slack still doesn’t let you open a channel or chat in a separate window. I have all this screen real estate and they still insist on just a single window!

  • unpopular opinion: OS X 10.7 (Lion) was a solid OS and was unjustly maligned because people didn’t like its cosmetic changes and bc the Mac was getting neglected amid iPhone blowing up in sales.

    Before Lion you couldn’t even resize windows from all sides!

  • Watching some of the opening statements from the congressional testimony this morning and someone mentioned that it isn’t bad that these tech companies get big.

    Um, isn’t it? You look at just about all of our problems and they stem from the tech companies outsized influence and sheer power.

  • It’s really interesting to me that the Apple Watch has been out for several years now, and although a lot of people were quick to make knock-off Sport bands out of silicone, there is not a single knock-off maker to date that makes one out of the same fluoroelastomer material.

  • PSA: if you’ve ever wished there was a way you could pay a few bucks a month to get rid of the ads on a bunch of web sites (and let the sites still get revenue from you) scroll.com is it!

    It works nicely on desktop and mobile. You turn it on and ads are gone on a bunch of sites

  • It’s so empowering to know that I have the ability to write code and form it into products and just create value from thinking it into existence.

    I mean, I’m not going to, I’m going to sit and watch Christopher Guest movies and blog about clicky keyboard all weekend, but still.

  • Also, I blogged something! I discussed the Planck and how it’s actually worth considering as your first mechanical keyboard: icanthascheezburger.com/wordpress…

  • Has anyone ever successfully used Siri on their Apple Watch by just raising their wrist and talking? I keep trying it for years and I think maybe it’s worked once or twice.

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